Who is going to pull the British Asian to Vote?

It is a matter of time when Gordon Brown will make his assessment and go to have his cup of chai with the Queen..

This page hopes to cover some of the not so serious sides of the General Election as it impacts on the lives of British Asian communities. I have invented the term, ‘The Hornby Effect’ and  how men who play with miniature  trains in their bedrooms or sometimes claim to be ‘helping’ their sons ( It is moslty the son but there could well be engineering minded girls as well) to fix the train sets. It can be fun as the trains go into different directions, often without a clear” transport policy”… but is the Asian voter like the static Hornby train which is quite content to be pulled by any engine driver to any destination?

These commentaries will also be covered in another blog  Mirador Culture Management.  The more  Asian cultural bias here may be replaced by East African cultural issues in the the Mirador blog. The early Asian migrants to East Africa were referred to as the Wahindi, often corrupted as the Muhindi…basically, people from the Hindi nation, or Hindus/Hindustanis. The early African did not bother too much about Indians and Pakistanis – they were all wahindi


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